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Interview - Evan Viera

After checking out his new video (posted below), we caught up with Evan Viera about the new piece, his inspirations and more.

First off, could you give us a bit of background about yourself. Before LCV and Caldera, what were you doing?

Well CALDERA took 3 years to make. At the time, I was at Hampshire College as an invited artist, creating CALDERA with students and other industry professionals. Before that I recently graduated from college and was teaching animation at a school in Beijing. That was an amazing experience… 

Caldera got a pretty great reception online. Did that lead to any unexpected opportunities?

Yes and it was was quite unexpected honestly. Just to name a few, I was asked to screen CALDERA at Pixar to their staff, and was invited to sit down and meet with creative executives from couple large animation studios here in LA. It was quite surreal experience. Meeting Dylan (LCV) was also one of those opportunities that transpired. He saw it online, told me about his release on Deadmau5’s label, and asked if I wanted to do a commissioned piece for him and the label.   

We love the style of your new video for Le Castle Vania, were you inspired by anything or anyone in particular when creating it?

Thanks! Yes, many many things. Most of my childhood was spent either reading SCIFI novels or watching the late night programming on the SCIFI channel. The first movie I saw that swept me away was Bladerunner. It was the first time I felt transported into another world. Also, just before starting production on this I visited the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA. Seeing the production stills and development art for 2001 was incredibly inspiring. He was a master and has always been the center point of my creative efforts.  

What’s the idea behind the film? What’s happening in that eye?

Well, that floating eye is the cover to Dylan’s EP, which is called PROPHICATION. To me, that title and image implies images of the illuminati and big brother. And so I took that idea, transplanted it into a SCIFI world, and ran with it. The story we discussed was about a pilot that was in search of a massive crashed warship to destroy, by way of kamikaze, the warship’s pilot, the floating eye.   

Did you get a brief from the label/artist or did they leave the concept up to you?

It was entirely up to me. All Dylan gave me was the album cover and asked me to run with it. I sent him a treatment, which he approved at first glance. 

How long did it take to produce?

10 weeks including preproduction, and with the help of a couple friends. Pablo Lizard, Jarred de Beer, and Tommy Wooh. Pablo was on the longest, for about three weeks, otherwise it was mostly a solo gig. 

Looking to the future, what would be your dream project?

Oh man, too many things. Well, I’d love to make a game soon. Considering how locked up the feature animation industry is with style and content, making a game would probably be the best way for me to tell my stories. But ultimately, I have a few feature films that I’d like to make.

What is the best thing you’ve seen on the internet today?



Toh Kay - With Any Sort Of Certainty

Independent animator and illustrator Scott Benson has out done him self yet again. Scott has produced some very nice visuals for musician Tomas Kalnoky picking up a Vimeo staff pick award along the way.

Scott speaks personally about his latest animation on his site here.

If you haven’t seen Scotts work before, do check out his reel…. Clicky!

(update) Looks like there has been a little trouble between the record lable and this music video, as Scott explains on twitter over several posts

"I recently worked with @tohkay on a music video. I was very proud of it. I worked extremely hard on it. Most of you probably saw it. After it went up, @victoryrecords, to whom Tomas’ other band is signed, decided that they didn’t want it to exist online.As such, they began issuing take down notices. Lawyers are involved on both sides. But my vid got caught in the crossfire…..”

As a result …grab it while its hot…

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